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We are excited and looking forward to seeing our 8th graders at the Samuel Jackman Middle School Promotion Ceremony. More information about the details of the day will be coming very soon. Please pay attention to your emails.
While being promoted to the 9th grade is a right that students earn through credits and test scores, participation in the Promotion Ceremony is a privilege bestowed upon students who exemplify the high quality of students Samuel Jackman is proud to be sending on to high school. 
Participation in the Promotion Ceremony requires the following of each student:
  • Students must earn at least 45 (out of a possible 60) credits during the 2022 - 2023 school year.
  • Students must have been enrolled in school and have attended 90% of possible school days.
  • Students may not receive any more than three days of home suspension in the month of May to be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony.
  • Students who receive an extended suspension or commit expellable offenses during the 4th quarter will not participate in the promotion ceremony.
  • Students may not have any violation of the Education Code that results in Home Suspension during the last week of school.
  • All assigned detentions must be cleared.
Updated Graduation Requirements (as of April 10, 2023)
In addition to quarterly progress reports and report cards, the counselors have met with all students in the classroom setting or individually.  Your student should be able to explain the credit system, but see this brief overview:
  • Every class that a student passes is worth 2.5 credits each quarter/report card
  • There are 6 classes (periods) in the school day.
  • 50 credits (of 60 possible) earned by May 25, 2023 are required for a clear promotion to the next grade.
  • Your student may also participate in the 8th grade promotion ceremony if they have reached 45 credits and passed all their classes quarter 4.
  • By attending our ASES program after school, students can earn an extra 2.5 credits per quarter (please be aware that there is currently a waiting list). 
(Please note:  if a student started Jackman after the first quarter, they must still earn an average of 12.5 credits for each quarter in attendance.)
** Counselors have already sent home letters to students who are in danger of not participating in the ceremony.
** Any special circumstances/considerations must be approved by the principal.