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Samuel Jackman Middle School Math Department teachers have 121 years of combined teaching experience together.  That’s more teaching experience together than any other department on campus!  

Courses offered to students in the 7th grade are:  Math 7, Math 7 Support, and Math 7 Accelerated.
Courses offered to students in the 8th grade are:  Math 8, Math 8 Support, and Math 1.

Both grade level curriculums are from the California Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Students have the opportunity to work individually, with a partner, or in small groups sharing ideas with their peers to have a deeper understanding and thinking about math.

Student success depends on daily attendance, motivation, and willingness to try and persevere.  Our department is dedicated to collaboration to help every student learn math and be successful, preparing them for high school math.
Math Department 

Math Department 

Ms. Redding  Math 8  
Mr. Doe Math 7, Math 7 Focus  
Ms. Lee Math 8, Math 8 Focus
Ms. Guglielmina  Math 8, Math 8 X
Ms. Howe 
Math 7, Math 7 Honors  
Mr. King 
Math 7, Math I