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Hours and Library Information


Library Hours

7:30 am - 3:00 pm                      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
7:30 am - 1:30 pm                      Wednesday      

General Guidelines

  1. You must have an I.D. card to check out library books.
  2. You may check out up to 3 books at a time.
  3. Books are checked out for 3 weeks.
  4. The library is a quiet place to read, study, and relax.
  5. Talking should be kept to a minimum.
  6. Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the library.
  7. Roughhousing and any other type of playing are not allowed in the library.

Computer Guidelines

  1. Computers are available in the library for approved use (typing, research, and projects).
  2. You must have an ID card to use computers.
  3. You must have a signed internet form in your agenda in order to use the internet.
  4. You must check with the library staff before printing anything from the computer.
  5. Printing for a class assignment is free.