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Jackman Riverhawks are encouraged to:  
  • Be Safe 
  • Be Responsible 
  • Be Respectful
These are the "3 B's" that define our school culture.  Our focus on these three principles, helps our staff promote a positive and inclusive environment on our campus.  We lead by example and respond to the individual needs of all of our students.  

PBISPositive Behavioral Interventions and Support, is a nationwide program that helps us to support our students in maintaining the "3 B's". At Samuel Jackman Middle School, it's an integral part of being "Jackman Strong" and a key to helping our students succeed. 

The purpose of our Jackman Strong Committee is to establish clear goals and expectations for anyone on campus. We are aware that everyone approaches situations from an individual perspective and mindset, so we work to adapt and find a way to support every student. This leads to mutual respect amongst all. 

At Samuel Jackman Middle School, we take every opportunity to acknowledge the good examples around us by commending students when we see the "3 B's" in action. To that end, please be on the look out for "Virtual H.O.T. Tickets". Teachers and staff will send them home to students who are being SafeRespectful, or Responsible in classes.  

The PBIS Committee meets monthly to evaluate the program's effectiveness and to develop ideas that can bring positive results to the Samuel Jackman Middle School community. Samuel Jackman Middle School parents and guardians are welcome to join.